Kaze No Stigma (or Stigma of the Wind, 2007)

Kaze No Stigma or Stigma of the Wind, directed by Junichi Sakata and produced by Gonzo

Rating: 4.5/5.0

I recently came upon Kaze No Stigma and watched the entire 24 episodes of the anime adaptation dated way back 2007. To be honest, I enjoyed the whole season and still would love more if only there was a second season.

The story revolves around Kazuma Yagami, a wind Contractor.  A “contractor” is someone who made a deal with a spirit king. In Kazuma’s case, he made a deal with the Spirit King of the Wind. The heroine is Ayano Kannagi, the chosen heiress of a fire magic user family, the Kannagi clan. Together they deal with different enemies and, as the plot deepens and progresses, Kazuma’s dark past is revealed which in return either helps or threatens the Kannagi clan and Ayano.

As much as I want to fangirl over the good things about the anime, there are also a few things that are frustrating. Usually, it’s the bad news that is given first but I’d like to start with the good this time.

Here are my thoughts on Kaze no Stigma.


  1. I have a slight crush on Kazuma Yagami. He’s this kind of an anti-hero character I always like in animes and mangas.
  1. Ayano Kannagi is a tsundere at best and the best example I’ve seen so far.
  1. I like the idea that Kazuma has wind magic and Ayano has fire magic. Usually, it’s water and then fire. It’s uncommon for these two elements (wind x fire) to be paired in most animes/mangas that deal with a fantasy plot. It also helps that Ayano beat Kazuma as the next head of the Kannagi clan when they were younger.
  1. Of course, one thing that always draws me towards anime/manga is a subplot of romance – not a total romance though just a little bit of the cheesy and giddy stuff. Yes, Kazuma and Ayano are hinted to be a couple. How can I not feel envious with Ayano whenever Kazume flirts with her?
  1. Kaze no Stigma which is to my liking is fast-paced. Arcs were short yet thorough unlike other animes that have arcs that are super long yet confusing as hell and feel like they are just fillers to the real plot.
  1. Kazuma as a Contractor who made a deal with the Spirit King of the Wind was portrayed as invincible and unbeatable. He is a balanced protagonist – one that you find as cool, calculating and badass but at the same time a hurt, cast away and prodigal son who only wants to protect the ones he loves. In the manga though (yes there was a manga series), Kazuma had a darker character who didn’t hesitate in killing his enemies.
  1. One the other hand, the heroine, Ayano-chan is a classic tsundere but do not be fooled. She is what I call a transparent character in animes and mangas. She is what and who you see she is – she has the brightest flame Kazuma has ever seen. Her spirit just lights up Kazuma’s darkness. See? It’s cheesy.
  1. Kaze no Stigma is also a comedy, and I enjoyed watching Kazuma and his old man, Genma, among other things trying to kill each other. Mind you, it’s not really about killing between father and son. It’s just the way they show they care.
  1. The show doesn’t hold back to blood and violence – not much but delivers the message.
  1. Hmmm… panties? Yes, there are panty shots. I know guys love them.
  1. The show leaves me wanting for more.

Okaaaay. Now for the BAD:

  1. The author, the mangaka died! It is the worst thing about Kaze no Stigma.
  1. I can enumerate everything that is bad about the anime in one word – INCOMPLETE!
  1. Refer to number 1.
  1. The bad things are because of number 1.
  1. My heart feels so much pain because of number 1.
  1. Number 1 is the only gripe I have which is a good thing for a bad thing.

However tragic the series is because its author is gone and left it incomplete, Kaze no Stigma is still a great anime to watch. It has action, magic, comedy, romance, and, of course, Kazuma. The series isn’t totally a waste of my time. Surprisingly, even with me knowing that it is an incomplete series, I still went on and finished the only 24 episodes it ever had. Why not? Kazuma kissed Ayano’s neck, licked a bit of ramen soup from her cheek, sniffed her hair, spanked her ass, kissed her nose, and… he was in love with her!

Kaze no Stigma has all the elements I like in an anime or manga. Sad it is that I will no longer be able to enjoy it further and have all my questions answered because of an unfortunate event,  it’s still no reason to not watch. Its being incomplete, I think, is the best thing about animes and mangas – they make you feel happy and sad.

Happy and sad like wanting more, more and more of what little is given to the imagination.

Click on this link for a trailer of Kaze No Stigma English dubbed.

So, how about you? Do you like Kaze no Stigma?

Photo credit: http://www.myanimelist.net


4 thoughts on “Kaze No Stigma (or Stigma of the Wind, 2007)

  1. Oh my gosh. So nostalgic. I watched this yeeeeeeaaaars ago. It’s so rare to encounter someone here who have watched and is actually writing about Kaze no Stigma. While it has its problems, it’s an enjoyable show. Romantic as well.

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