The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye (2006)

The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye (or The Third:  Aoi Hitmoi no Shoujo) is a 2006 XEBEC anime adaptation of Ryo Hoshino’s light novel of the same title.

After a week of watching the series, I rate it at 3.5/5.0. Let’s start first with the positive and then the negative points.


  1. The anime series was short; it only had twenty-four (24) episodes. This is good because I have a short attention span.
  2. The series started with a poem by a fictional poet named “Dona Myfree.” I am not sure if she is fictional though but the poems in the series were good nonetheless. “Let us venture into the night” is just of the lines I like. Yup! You might want to watch the first episode to see what I mean but all throughout the series Honoka (the heroine) recites the poems.
  3. Honoka was a badass and almost invincible. Hmm… I am not sure with this one though. I just put it here as positive. Girl power is always positive!
  4. It had machines, AIs, humanoid aliens and war in it.
  5. It had a sentient tank (an AI piloting it thus sentient tank.) You will see a tank versus a jet fighter. It was a bit weird.
  6. What more can I say? The anime had the “impossible” stuff in it.
  7. I like the dystopian flora and fauna in the anime. I like the sand dragons the most.


  1. I do have a short attention span. The anime only had 24 episodes. DAMN IT! The series was too short and too fast for my liking. It felt like the ending was rushed. With Kaze no Stigma, I can understand why it had to end so soon. The mangaka died. Of course, it was cut short. But this series? Nah! I don’t know and I didn’t care to research why.
  2. The romance between Honoka and Ikus (or Iks in the English dub) sucked. Seriously, you call that romance? I was yawning the entire time.
  3. Honoka was too powerful. Girl power is always a positive thing but overpowering a character like Honoka is just ridiculous.
  4. I don’t know but the series was borderline emo. It tried to be funny but, for me, it failed to get me laugh.
  5. The series explored a dystopian Earth ruled by a race called The Third because apparently they have a third eye. Unfortunately, their race was never explored a bit more. I mean where they came from and how they came to be  as the rulers of Earth and custodians of the surviving humans.
  6. The series had so much potential but for some reason it was never developed. It went nowhere and ended rather abruptly without truly delivering a impactful message. This is basically the main reason I rate the series 3.5/5.0.

Though I gave The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye an average rating, I’d still recommend it to die-hard anime fans out there. It’s mecha, action, sci-fi, drama, and a shounen anime with a girl as the protagonist all in 24 episodes.

Check out the trailer on with this link.

So, what do you think?

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