Archangel’s Heart (2016) by Nalini Singh


Honestly, I’ve been hesitating whether I should write about my thoughts of this book or just put everything I read to the back of my head, forget and move on because, sadly, this book disappoints me. I rate it in Goodreads at 2.0/5.0 stars. Still, I’ve been an avid reader of the series and, somehow, I hope that writing about how I feel towards her latest book reaches Nalini Singh’s attention and help her in the next book she’s now writing.

I did not enjoy reading this 9th installment in the Guild Hunter series, “Archangel’s Heart.” It was a bore to me. I’m sorry, Nalini Singh, but the series is already giving me reasons why I shouldn’t read the next books anymore. I don’t know but I sense that you are becoming lazy, and your plots are terribly predictable now.

I am not going to write the synopsis or excerpts (yeah, spoilers) of the novel because they would only bring me back to the moments wherein I shook my head several times due to disappointment and shock. I had to face-palmed myself and scratched my head after reading. Why? Archangel’s Heart is the ninth book in the series and yet it tackled Elena and Raphael’s love story as if they’re not still past that phase where they needed to prove how much they love each other. Likewise, I don’t understand why Nalini Singh needed to write a book about them if, in my opinion, she wanted a transition for the next arc or progression in the story. She should’ve just written about a new couple. That would have been a better read for me since I am craving for more “progress.” I want to move on. People need to move on. But nooooooo! Nalini Singh went ahead and wrote a book about Elena and Raphael for the fifth time.

I don’t know if I can survive another book about them.

If the intent was to provide readers Elena’s mysterious ancestry a long-awaited reveal, then it failed. I expected a very twisted mystery but I ended up with a pout. Again, having a vampire and a human-made vampire as Elena’s grandparents was predictable. The Luminata, I guess, were there as fillers to the mystery – not exactly the mystery that makes me want to investigate and read more.  They were of no use at all to the whole series. So now, what will happen to the Luminata? LOL! They were written to be mysterious but obviously they were a predictable bunch too.

Okay. The series is entitled Guild Hunter so maybe I can understand why there are five books mainly about Elena and Raphael. I give the series that. Then, maybe, I should be wanting for more of them right? Why do I feel like I don’t want more Elena and Raphael now? Simple – no progress. They still love each other. They love each other. They love each other. They love each other. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. GET IT?

One thing that could have given me a reason to like Archangel’s Heart a little bit is if only Elena and Raphael had a falling out, a conflict. A big freaking DRAMA!

And where was Lijuan? Oh. She’s out there, taking a much-needed vacay and R & R in Maldives or some Pacific island. Dammit!

This is becoming a rant but, yes, it is a rant. I just don’t want to end up putting years of following this series to waste. Nalini has so much material for the series and many of her characters have potential to move the series further to where it should be from day one.

Though all I wrote here are terrible and negative points of Archangel’s Heart, I believe that books are there to make readers like me to react, relate, and reflect… and maybe rant a little bit. I am an aspiring writer, and I follow writers who give me inspiration to write. Nalini Singh is one of the many writers I follow. I genuinely believe she is a great writer. She’ll do great in the next book because, maybe in reality, I am the one stuck in a phase and can’t move on – maybe what I want is not relevant anymore or not yet relevant.

Relevance is the hardship of writers. The big RELEVANCE. Are my ideas and words relevant? Am I relevant?

You can click this link for information and more reviews on Goodreads.

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