To The Girl Before Me

Though there are times that I do not like you, I want you to know that I don’t hate you. I think it is impossible to hate you.

How can I hate you? Tell me – you who are born perfect, bright as the morning sun and beautiful as the mysterious moon.

You might already be wondering by now and asking yourself why read these random letters and words out of the blue. I write this letter to make a wish… for you.

My only wish is for you to make mistakes. Do not be scared of them and instead indulge in them. Lose yourself in them; get wasted, fall in love and in hopeless abandon. When you finally have your fill, feel sorry about your mistakes, be guilty, and regret . It might take a while before you can move on from where your mistakes left you but I assure you that you will get there – to a better place, a freer space, a more open world, and a happier you.

Make mistakes, my dear girl, and I promise not to shame you… ever.¬†You only need to accept the truth that you are not perfect after all, not as bright as the morning sun and not as beautiful as the mysterious moon. A hard truth but your imperfection deserves all the love in the world; all recognition; all the friends and lovers, all of the world wrapped around your little finger.

No amount of shame or error should deprive you of beautiful things, of lovely things, of happiness and success because even the waves that ebb from and flow to shore teasing your toes must love you, respect and adore you.

So, make mistakes in your life and, when you do, own your faults that no one can blame you no more; stand up that no one can bring you down no more; be strong that no one can hurt you no more; fly that no one can break your wings no more; run that no one can stop you no more; and love yourself that no one can love you more but only you.

Make mistakes all over the place, start tragedies and leave skid marks on broken roads. Then look back and ask yourself, “This is how being proud feels like, huh?”

To the girl before me, look at me – it is your turn to wish I make the same mistakes you will.

Photo credit: "Angelic Girl sketch" by PMucks,

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