A Collection of Writings: March 9-19, 2017


I wrote the following poems and various writings and posted them on my IG, mssuncheese. Here’s a collection from March 9-19, 2017. Some are revised and some stay unedited. Feel free to comment, like and share. Thank you for reading and see you around.

Almost always, yours truly, Miss Suncheese.

3/9/17 PM

Love is a force,

and falling in love

is love in motion.

A force and in motion,

it can begin;

it can go on and on;

it can be stopped.

But love – it can never be forced.

One can only wait to be moved.


“Your smile as bright as the sun warms my lonely soul.”



I’ll be a woman




in love.

I’ll be a wanderer


in search



I’ll be the moon






I’ll be the woman

the wanderer

and the moon.


Dreaming is the writing of random letters and jumbled words, and the meandering voids of ideas and cesspools of emotions – all in a flux and a cause to an expression of a free self and wild self.”


“I [ai] pronoun – a wondrous strange and a great perhaps.”


3/10/17 PM

Raining puddles of mud before me

I try to think about taking first steps and walking on.

I hate wet shoes

so I am careful yet I fail.

Looking back to the puddles of mud

I remember you.

Oh how much I want to do it all again.


3/11/17 PM “defervescence”

Oh your lips are violent.

Your moans are a melody

of sex for rent.

Take me,

my part time lover,

for only tonight

defervescence of passion is solitude.

I will pay any price

for a fever you sell

and suck it in

right from the tips of your fingers.


Rolling Stone

I am still, immovable, in a hundred years, a millennium.

After the thunder, earth’s quiet rumble, and a humble push, I begin to roll.

Down the hill to the end.


3/12/17 PM

If I am to kiss you, your lips must be ready for a hungry assault, pull of passion, and warm, wet feel of my soft human flesh one with yours.


Corrales Traffic

It is always more or less.

What is worst or the best?

It is like hate and love, the geese and the doves.

Is it left or right?

Dark or light?

Whatever it is, it is shit.

I know where I fit.

I am not an ‘it.’

Never will I be the dimwit.


“Have you arrived?”


3/13/17 PM “van”

Trust me, I’m not on a high. I wonder why people come and go.

In the end, they stop and start and stop… start – on and on.

This man says he can. He can be the only one.

That woman says she will be. Blind eyes will see.

I wonder why people come and go but pray tell they just do not know.


3/14/17 AM “Mel”

And if for some reason you do miss me at last,

please take the time to remember yourself first.


The Haiku of Happiness

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha


3/15/17 AM

He nibbled my ear and whispered,

telling me he loved my dancing, my swaying hips, and my singing along.

Oh how I love him so.

I kissed him, giving him my sweetest smile, my small giggle, and mu dancing heart.


“Once I wrote a letter to the man I loved.

He read no word, no letter, nothing.

It was blank, white and soulless.

I wrote a letter once.

He read my letter once.

Just like that – a goodbye.”


3/15/17 PM

Even the waves that ebb to shore teasing your toes love you.


3/16/17 PM

I am waiting a long time

for a moment in time

and even it is only for a time

You give me a one time.

A first time

or a last time.

Just come here whatever the time

I’ll wait every time.


“When I am asleep, lost in a dreamland where chocolate seas and bubble planes exist, in a maze of colors and warmth, with a playful heart, I am alive. So much alive.”


“I’d like to think believe that God is being – the verb and not the noun.”


3/17/17 PM “kid”

Do not believe these words I say for I have yet to be honest.


“Do I have any idea what forever is? I honestly don’t but I think I have been to forever – every once in a while.”


3/18/17 PM “a birthday wish”

What must I give to be happy?

My compassion? My brilliance? My strengths?

Who must I be to be happy

– the fair, the free or the hero?

I don’t know how to be happy.

Even just an inkling of a fool, I do not know.


The Ship

I am a terrible ship. In a storm, I sleep. In the calm, I sink.

I am a terrible ship. No one sails with me. My voyage means a shipwreck.

I am a terrible ship – the seas sing while I weep.




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