Journal #1 “If I swear, does it make me less of a person?”

JOURNAL #1 March 22, 2017 PM, under a bridge on Earth

If I swear, does it make me less of a person?

Yes. No. Absolutely, I am leaning towards the latter. But it won’t be ideal to swear, and what is ideal then? Is it ideal when I speak of good words, pretty words? Maybe yes, but what is more ideal is to speak what’s on my mind. What if that mind of mine is not ideal? Well, my mind is full of ideas – shitty ideas sometimes; I say that this is quite ideal. These same ideas tell me to speak out, to swear shitty words. What is most ideal is neither to be too forthright nor to be unheeded. I am aware I don’t really make sense when I have started talking about swearing and it making me less of a person, but I just have to try, go around in circles, and analyze this shitty thought which I haven’t tried to take care for some time now. I do swear, my friends, but I have this very small voice that no one hears or, should I say, cares to listen. Hell, if I were them, I will never listen to me. You know why? I’ll be swearing at them and telling them how shitty they are.



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