A Collection of Writings: March 20-April 1, 2017


She wants to pay a game of hearts. What is her name?


3/21/17 AM “F vs F”

Why do people talk more about forever? Forever is one’s lifetime.

That is it.

People should talk more about freedom. Freedom is nowhere in our lifetime.

That cannot be it.


3/21/17 PM “Key”

It upsets me so powerfully that I’ve given the key of my soul to people. Careless people.



I wish I can control

my own control.

I wish I can own

my own control.

It’s hard in times

I am in control,

and yet

I am not in any control.

It’s easy in times

I am in easy control.

My mind leads,

and my mind follows

my own mind.

What mind do I have?

What control do I have?

What mind and control should I have?



Two concepts.

Two itches.

Which to control

and which to mind?


3/24/17 PM

I’ve been thinking about my death, constantly, but I only think about living half the time I do.


There in the dark corners of my mind I lurk and creep out for the light of you.



You staring at me

with a need

to quench a thirst

and satisfy a craving

cause me to melt

from the inside out

and wish I am a cone of ice cream

– what an extraordinary man you are

on an ordinary day.



Looking out the window after a long, long while staring at a page of an old book I yearn for an answer because I haven’t felt my life to mean so much more than a sentence’s period. In a long, unceasingly long while. Period, what’s that suppose to mean?



It all started when begged for an ounce of love;

when he wished to stay young and be free from his leash;

when he prayed for a thousand years without tears;

when he signed on paper that he had a face easily forgotten forever;

when he began to sleep, never pained and did not weep.

Now, he is a nobody. For whatever and for all he is worth, he is a lone body

– heart stone cold and lonely.


Set yourself a fire and fall in love.

Set yourself on fire and fall in love.

Set yourself afire and fall in love.



So scared to look up for your eyes might see me in this light,

I stayed down after an ugly stumble.

There was purple, being beautiful and heartbreaking as always.


He wished to be struck by lightning so she did.



In silence, a whisper; in the dark, a yearning; in the night as cold as a faded kiss on a cheek I tiptoe, careful not to wake you. There lurks inside your territory a danger not to be played with – your heart.


I’ve been sitting, thinking, and waiting about and for

when is the time for me to go home.


If it is only in a dream that I get to meet a soul I so loved but lost, then I will be dreaming in tears tonight, a kind of drowning in happiness.


Setting fire is never quite different from falling in love.


POETRY is an attempt to convey unrequited love – the farthest distance my heart has ever journeyed to.


Blossoming thoughts of your wondrous strange uncover smiles trapped deep in my soul I am enamored. – Pebbles


Joy, I’ve been looking for you.




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