05/28/17 PM “WE ONLY”

We only talk about the extremes that we ignore the in-betweens and the enough. We only go back to the past and blindly rush to the future that we leave the present behind. We only live with what ifs and we dwell in what could have been. Why can’t we just be here, in the moment and breathe? Like one then two and more good and deep breaths to fill our lungs with air? We always look forward and back but never where we actually are. Are we this miserable to lose direction? We dream of true love but we lie to ourselves, wanting more assurances and disbelieving small gestures of kindness. We hurt and call it hell. Help me, help him and help us. I cannot take it anymore. I just want to live.

Featured image taken from http://growingupchaotic.com/tag/feeling-lonely-in-recovery/

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