Journal 06/18/17 PM “RUBY”

My favorite color is red so it’s only appropriate I write a random piece about it.

Today I wrote one, and surprisingly, it started as one idea then led to another idea. Confusing? Check it out and tell me what you think. Hope you like it.



Oh, you, a man, know her so well. You call her history colored in glory. You claim you hold power over her but little you know you wield that power in her name, because of her and for her. She is weak and the lesser sex but you shed blood for her. You kneel and weep to appease her, you gamble and lose to please her. She is the light you paint in red — not violence but strength, not pain but warmth, and not cruelty but affection. That what is between her legs you worship as heaven. Those on her bosom the comfort you seek. She lies beneath you but never inferior to you. You know her so well. You know this truth so damn well. You know her name, and it escapes your lips like a whisper of a dying man. So much power she has over you she burns you, consumes all of you. And yet, you will die without a single stab of regret. After all, she loves you.

Featured 📷 / artwork by Sheri Chakamian, from



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