Today was a rainy Wednesday so I jotted down a few random words I thought made sense. Here’s an unedited journal entry for the day, featuring a photo by avmaier from Flickr.


06/28/17 PM “SUNNY”

Daily Prompt: Sunny

You are a dream of melting ice cream on an ordinary day, the playmate in days I skip on puddles of mud, and you sure are the best day to fly a kite. But you are nowhere to be found today. I have an idea why — you want to get away from me to miss you somehow. If then, I only wish you to come back real soon because I’ve been needing you, and the warmth you always have is the comfort I seek when wet shoes upset my weary feet. Come back soon and make all of the rain go away.

I want today to be sunny. More than anything I’d love to be Sunny again, the girl I am in summer and in love.




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