Journal 07/01/17 PM “HAIRCUT”

Who got their hair cut recently? Do you like it or do you hate it? Mine’s not the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me but I’ll live I’m sure of it. A bad haircut is not something to cry over for. Nah. 

So here’s my take on the subject. It’s not properly thought of — I hope it gets the message across anyway. Please like, comment and share if you like it.



What’s a bad haircut honestly? Is it me becoming unpretty or is it me being petty? I had my hair cut today, and I told myself no way I’d go out like that. This I hated to say but I needed a hat. My hair will grow back. Sorry, I can’t wait. Like the wall’s crack a remedy was paint. But you know what’s worse than my bad haircut? It’s me counting hours while a friend was out. Because time wasn’t ours we better be all heart. What’s a bad haircut? Is it not knowing where we’re at or is self-love a door shut?

Featured photo by Badseedshalo/

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