A Collection of Writings: July 24-August 6, 2017

I’ve always wanted to travel — somewhere, someday and somehow.

You know that feeling that it is not important where the destination is? I get that feeling whenever I dream of traveling the world. It doesn’t matter if I am alone or with a companion. I just hope to embark on a journey to an unknown destination with the sole purpose to chase the ever elusive “happiness.”

In the wild. To the far reaches of the world. To the deepest crevices or even the nearest stops on the road. It doesn’t matter at all. I just want to go somewhere.

At this moment, poor excuse as it is, my legs aren’t as excited as I am so I end up, as I always do, writing words to keep me going. I share them with you whoever you are, humans of the world. My body, at the moment, may be unable to go places but I hope that my words, thoughts and ideas reach you.

Enjoy these Miss Suncheese posts on Instagram!

JOURNAL 07/23/17 PM “Carnation” (Featured image taken from http://www.carcanyon.com. And yeah, I need better editing. ✌)
“CANDY” (Featured 📷 from taraa/FAVIM.com)
JOURNAL 07/28/17 PM “Arch” (Featured image from kotr-art.tumblr.com)
JOURNAL 07/28/17 PM “blue” (Featured acrylic painting/📷 taken from Sneha Matthews/Pinterest)
JOURNAL 03/10/17 PM “skip the puddles” (Featured 📷 taken from Rain Photography Tumblr)
JOURNAL 3/14/17 AM (Featured image taken from johnni-k/deviantart.com)
JOURNAL 08/02/17 PM “come on get higher” (Featured image by Esra Roise/www.whimmagazine.com)
JOURNAL 08/03/17 PM “even in the sky” (Featured image by yuumei/DEVIANTART)
JOURNAL 08/05/17 PM “Soledad” 📷: “Solitude” by El-serran/DEVIANTART



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