Miss Suncheese

On this blog, I am Miss Suncheese. Let’s keep my real name a secret for now.

My favorite color, which I think for the longest time, has always been Red. I do love music especially that of Augustana, Ryan Adams, indie, alternative and grunge rock, 80’s, 90’s, and all music good to my ears and soul – though I sometimes feel that I listen to sad songs too much. I am also a self-proclaimed otaku who has a pretty good social life. Contradictory right? It doesn’t matter.

I have decided to create this website/blog to share my many interests in movies, music, photography, pop culture, anime/animation, manga, video games, books, and passion for writing. Primarily, this blog will showcase a few of the stories I have written over the years and photos of my dogs (just kidding). Nothing fancy, of course. All is just for fun and, hopefully, for an opportunity to introduce my works to more people and somehow reach out to those dreamers of worlds far away.

Let this blog entertain you and waste your time for good.